Civil Society Resources

Privacy and Security Resources for Civil Society Groups

We’ve compiled a list of useful guides and resources relevant to civil society groups in Singapore.

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Need a primer on digital privacy and security resources for civil society? Check out these essential guides and resources:

Does your organisation have a security policy?

  • Generate one with SOAP, a useful tool which not only provides an easy starting point for developing a security policy, but also poses important hypothetical situations for your organisation to consider.

Need guidance for emergency situations?

  • Try the Digital First Aid Kit — which contains guidance for situations such as “someone is impersonating me online” and “I have lost my data”.

Having difficulty over choosing which VPN to use for more private browsing? Unclear on the reasons for why you might want to use a VPN? Check out these articles:

Looking for more privacy-friendly communication tools?

Is there content that you want to archive and keep available for posterity? Try using these archive plugins: